Are you fed up not getting clear answers from your doctor or health practitioner? Are you squandering your precious time and money trying all kinds of things that aren't working? Well it's time to take control of your health once and for all.. This program is finally going to share the essential tools and resources you need to heal your autoimmune condition.. WITHOUT spending another dime on useless supplements and tests, and without feeling like a hamster spinning in the wheel, exhausting yourself and not getting results. After all, it's hard enough to manage your autoimmune condition, right? The last thing you need is to feel like your healthcare team is not giving you clear answers and you're wasting money on all kinds of unnecessary tests and treatment protocols. 

Inner freedom is not guided by our efforts; it comes from seeing what is true. ~ Buddha

Are you a practitioner trying to treat yourself and/or your chronic disease patients not fully knowing how to manage these cases? Are you a patient who has already started The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol and sill need to connect the dots of your health? .

Welcome! My work is dedicated to getting the word out about detecting the causes of chronic symptoms, how to reverse them and to how to avoid years of wasted time receiving palliative and sometimes toxic medications that disregard the reason why the symptoms occured in the first place. Take the next step to inestigate and demystify chronic disease while focusing on healing and wellness techniques with me. This 3 month coaching program introduces Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbal Medicine, Meditation and Taoist concepts of health and self-responsibility for continued wellness. 

In this program we will explore things like • Is it time to do blood work? • When to consider comprehensive digestive analysis • Do you have SIBO that needs to be treated? • Do you have leaky gut that needs specific therapeutic supplementation? • Do you really need leaky gut and cross reactive protein assessments?• Should you consider avoiding FODMAPs, high histamine, high salicylate and high oxalate foods? • What FODMAP, and high histamine food intolerance really indicates • How you can decrease inflammation and hack gene expression on a daily basis • Improved digestion, blood sugar, adrenal health, detoxification, • How to heal your gut, rapidly decrease inflammation and balance your immune system. And most importantly, how to deeply replenish yourself and transform your relationship to disease. Each step of the way, I will guide you toward greater health and self empowerment.

Weeks 1-6 

Learn how to rapidly decrease Inflammation • Balance your Immune System • Drop inflammatory foods • Start healing your leaky gut • Halt autoimmune reactions • Heal your eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, thyroid, digestion and brain . Feel lighter, have better digestion, energy and mental clarity. In addition you will get an introduction to a cutting edge medical approach called Functional Medicine, to help understand the underlying causes of chronic symptoms.• In the first 6 weeks, you will learn how personalize the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol as well as how to order and interpret key Functional Medicine tests to uncover the underlying causes of your autoimmune and chronic disease symptoms. You will also receive a private case review and follow up.

Please Note: everyone, can order saliva, urine, stool, and SIBO tests. You may order blood tests without a doctor unless you are located in NY, NJ, RI or Maryland or outside the US. Many blood tests that I recommend can be ordered through your primary care doctor. Out of pocket costs depend on the number of tests that you may need. This program is not designed to replace appropriate medical care ith your primare care physician. 


There are so many Functional Medicne tests out there these days and it's good to know which ones are worth your time and money. In this class we will explore targeted tests for autoimmune et al chronic disease. You will learn how to avoid practitioner over testing and common mistakes. Get clues from common blood chemistry markers for hypochlorhydria, anemia, methylation, adrenal function, blood sugar imbalances, autoimmune thyroid, leaky gut, and chronic infections. 


The AIP is designed to rapidly reduce inflammation and heal intestinal permeability via specific dietary interventions. To calm down the immune/inflammatory response and allow the gut to fully heal, you will need to remove the major offending foods: eggs, grains, alcohol, nightshades, nuts, seeds, legumes, and dairy for at least 30 days. • Learn how to apply and modify the Paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP). Learn the latest science of autoimmune nutrition and targeted foods for immune balance. If you have not started the AIP, this class will also review how to transition with foods to inlcude and avoid. You will also learn about restoring mucosal immunity and the art of safe supplementation for autoimmune disease. 


Learn how to do a self assessment and how to avoid practitioner over testing and common mistakes. Get clues from assessment forms for hypochlorhydria, anemia, digestion, adrenal function, blood sugar, autoimmune thyroid, leaky gut, and chronic infections. 


Learn common patterns that show up in basic blood work to assess your current health and to monitor your health going forward. Learn how to flag patterns that fall outside of functional ranges. Detect blood sugar imbalances. adrenal health, leaky gut, and infections from basic blood chemistry. 


Learn how to order and interpret your own Comprehensive, Digestive Stool Analysis and SIBO breath Tests. You will also learn about FODMAPS, IBS and safe botanical medicine protocols to clear SIBO/dysbiosis.  


Order and interpret your own Genova Organix Tests with Dysbiosis Markers. Run your SNP test results through Genetic Genie for methylation and Detox SNP’s. Be in the know about other SNP's, besides MTHFR, that may affect your health.

BONUS CONTENT: Cultivatng a Healing Mindset.

Learn Taoist concepts of healing from the Inner Tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Transition to Paleo and the AIP to outsmart your autoimmune (et al chronic) disease. This class Include Paleo Transition Food Charts. Paleo AIP Foods to Include/Avoid MP3 audio, AIP Transition Chart, Detox Support Chart, AIP Guidelines Chart and Troubleshooting Chart.

BONUS CONTENT: The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough 

The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough presents a new model for patients and practitioners interested in reversing autoimmune disease as quickly as possible. Learn how to use the autoimmune protocol along with Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics to investigate and correct the root causes of your autoimmunity. 


Easily navigate the AIP with this handy bare-bones guide. This audiobook Includes tips to incorporate the AIP into your lifestyle with Paleo AIP Foods to Include/Avoid. 

BONUS CONTENT: Cyex Labs Review.

Should you run Cyrex labs? Learn when it may be appropiate to order Cyrex labs for autoimmune and chronic disease.


Class content is delivered weekly to your inbox. Watch the weekly class webinars and take notes.You can review by watching and reading the pdf included in each class. Class videos will be available to view at any time. Reminders that your new class is ready to view are included in weekly emails. You may ask any questions in your private case review and follow up and/or send me a private e-mail with your questions. 

Weeks 7-12

MEDITATION MEDICINE In the next 6 weeks we will explore powerful techniques from the Buddhist, Yogic, and Taoist traditions for self realization, healing and immune system balance. You wil be able to experience the benefits of meditation, breathing, sound, mantra and mindfulness technique to personalize your practice.

Take your healing to the next level. You're waiting for your test results..You’re starting to heal your gut, decrease inflammation and you’re beginning to get your life back. Now, let’s go the holistic route and continue to learn how to steel proof your health and allow your system to fully heal on all levels. Learn how to leverage awareness over your inner saboteur and work in alliance with your body vs. battling it. 


Introduction to Meditation video class Learn the art and science of meditation and mindfulness. Enjoy guided meditations and sound meditations.


Mindful breath and body scanning video class. Learn to master the relaxation response. Enjoy progressive relaxation session with music and sound meditations.


Video class on breathing techniques Learn and practice pranayama breathing. Enjoy guided meditations and sound meditations


Video classes about Sound and Mantra Meditation. Relax with sound meditations and mantra meditations.


Video class on the benefits of visualization. This week includes Taoist and Qi Gong visualizations, sound and guided meditations. 


Video class on transcending the waking state of consciousness and Yoga. Enjoy forgiveness and compassion meditations, sound meditations and Happiness Hour.

 If Buddha Had An Autoimmune Disease

Explore what is behind your suffering and learn to reconnect with your true nature. Learn how to balance the immune system with meditation, mindfulness, and guided imagery. Discover the benefits of greater awareness, unconditional love, compassion and enlightenment.  

The Secret Language of The Immune System 

The Secret Language of The Immune System explores the preverbal language of sound and vibration found in the harmonic resonances of music, nature and our own voices as the secret code which regulates the immune system.

PLEASE NOTE: This part of the course emphasizes the importance of self-nourishment for a more balanced immune system. Each week I introduce meditation techniques and share original sound and guided meditations. The goal is to help you shift from illness and struggle to wellness and empowerment.

Guided Meditations

Sound Meditations


Class content is delivered weekly to your inbox. Watch the weekly class webinars and enjoy the sound and guided meditations. You can review by watching videos and reading the pdf included in each class. Class videos and meditations will be available to view at any time - forever. Reminders that your new class is ready to view are included in weekly emails. During this time period your test results will be coming in and you may ask any questions during your private case review, follow up and/or via private e-mails. 

Watch weekly webinars anytime. 

Watch weekly webinars anytime. 

Review class info with weekly pdfs

Ask questions in your case review, follow up and/or via e-mails

  This coaching program is for patients, practitioners and health enthusiasts who are motivated to take greater control over their health. 

  • Investigate and treat the underlying causes of your symptoms 
  • Harness your innate healing abilities
  • Navigate life with a healthier outlook and attitude
  • Relax and Heal 
  • Learn how to access the parasympathetic nervous system to induce the relaxation response.  
  • Master skills that support and fortify your body's internal systems 
  • Tap into your reservoir of emotional strength  
  • Calm your mind and emotions. 
  • Learn specific breathing techniques for anger, pain, anxiety and depression.  
  • Balance your immune system
  • Gain a sense of internal calm and true personal power
  • Enhance your energy levels and mental focus  

 Autoimmune Breakthrough Coaching includes 3 months of professional support, 12 weeks of video training, 90 minute Case Review, 45 min follow up and 1:1 e-mail support with Anne Angelone.

PLEASE NOTE: As soon as you sign up, I will contact you to make your first appointment and you will receive immediate access to weekly video classes.