Anne Angelone is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist dedicated to great health through diet, testing, and traditional healing practices. To read Anne’s bio, click here.

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There is abundant research available today suggesting the benefit of adopting a nutrient-­‐dense ancestral diet as a template for preventing and even reversing all types of chronic disease. Check out Anne’s e-books and other excellent resources from the AIP blogger community.

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Functional Medicine

The sooner we identify the root causes of our symptoms, the more quickly we can heal. Click here to learn more about Anne’s revolutionary DIY program “Test, Clear, Heal”

Test, Clear, Heal DIY Program

Acupuncture Treatments

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and youʼre ready to experience more energy, less stress, and a greater overall sense of peace and balance in your life, consider coming in for acupuncture treatments.

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5 Element Healing

The music in this series is intended to powerfully transform difficult emotions. Each track contains subliminal affirmations inspired by the virtues of the Tao Te Ching and the Chinese 5 Elements associated with each of the internal organs and their related emotions. Binaural beats for brainwave entrainment to alpha, theta and delta waves are included to enhance meditation and healing.

5 Elements

Enhanced Meditation

The research on the health benefits of meditation and prayer cannot be ignored. The meditation programs in this series include embedded Buddhist prayers just below the level of perception along with nature sounds and Delta Wave binaural beats.


Deep Relaxation

Experience the effects of nature sounds, flute, sea creatures, quartz crystal singing bowls on heart/brain/immune coherence. The natural and binaural frequencies ease you into a meditative state as the relaxation response kicks in.

Deep Relaxation

Sound Treatments

Ayurvedic pracitioners and Yogis have long postulated that our bodies contain seven major chakras located along the spine between the sacrum and the crown of the head. Expanding your knowledge of these power centers that control the health of your body, will help you to detect energy disturbances with the goal of being able to correct them before they become fixed in the physical body.

Sound Treatments


Peaceful Sleep and Deep Relief are designed to help you relax, heal and restore. Peaceful Sleep includes restful sounds of nature and the soft lulling of crystal singing bowls. Deep Relief features real humpback whales songs along with the soothing sounds of ocean waves. The original humpback whale recordings are from The Oceania Project of Byran Bay, Australia.

Sound Treatments
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Anne Angelone is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist dedicated to achieving health through diet and testing along with traditional healing practices. To select a private phone or Skype appointment, click here

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