Learn how to apply and modify the Paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP). Learn the latest science of autoimmune nutrition and targeted foods for immune balance according to Dr. Sarah Ballantyne's research. If you have not started the AIP, this class will also review how to transition with foods to inlcude and avoid. You will also learn about restoring mucosal immunity and the art of safe supplementation for autoimmune disease. 


Learn how to do a self assessment and how to avoid practitioner over testing and common mistakes. Get clues from common blood chemistry markers for hypochlorhydria, anemia, methylation, adrenal function, blood sugar, autoimmune thyroid, leaky gut, and chronic infections. 2WebinarLearn How to Do a Self Assessment


Learn how to order and interpret your own Comprehensive, Digestive Stool Analysis and SIBO breath Tests. You will also learn about FODMAPS, IBS and safe botanical medicine protocols to clear SIBO/dysbiosis.  


Be in the know about targeted tests for autoimmune et al chronic disease. Learn how to avoid practitioner over testing and common mistakes. Get clues from common blood chemistry markers for hypochlorhydria, anemia, methylation, adrenal function, blood sugar imbalances, autoimmune thyroid, leaky gut, and chronic infections. Stop wasting time and start ordering your own labs today.


Order and interpret your own Genova Organix Tests with Dysbiosis Markers. Run your SNP test results through Genetic Genie for methylation and Detox SNP’s. Be in the know about other SNP's, besides MTHFR, that may affect your health.


Learn common patterns that show up in basic blood work to assess your current health and to monitor your health going forward. Learn how to flag patterns that fall outside of functional ranges. Detect blood sugar imbalances. adrenal health, leaky gut, and infections from basic blood chemistry. 

Test. Clear. Heal is an Online Course Designed for Health Conscious, Motivated Individuals Who Are Ready to Take Control of Their Own Health! Apply the Autoimmune Protocol along with Functional Medicine tests to investigate the underlying causes of your autoimmune and chronic disease symptoms while saving yourself thousands of dollars by ordering your own tests. Class videos and pdfs are delivered weekly. Get support and ask your questions in our secret Facebook follow up group.

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What People Are Saying

Shelly L.

"The knowledge that I gained during this course gave me a sense of control over my digestion and health. One of the things I liked about this class was the ability to print out presentation pdfs for future reference and the opportunity to order the tests that I needed. After taking this class I feel more knowledgeable about specific ways to monitor and improve my health. I feel newly committed about taking charge of my own health care.

"I'm so glad I decided to take this class with Anne's guidance. I am a health coach and decided to take this class since I had zero training in how to read lab work and Functional Medicine in general. The knowledge that I gained from this course and also through working with Anne 1:1, has increased my conifdence to tackle my own health challenges as well as  being able to help others. Hands down, this is the best and most informative class out there for understanding and using the AIP and Functional Medicine for myself and with my clients."

Carol M.

Emma K.

"Test, Clear, Heal is a comprehensive program that takes you on a step by step journey to better health. Starting with clear guidance on which panels and tests you SHOULD be getting done and on the next steps necessary when talking to your doctors for further assistance. If you ever have looked at your lab work and thought I wish I knew more about what these numbers and ranges mean to me, and what patterns that maybe your mainstream doctors are missing then this program  is for you!  ” 

"I have benefitted both personally and professionally from Test- Clear-Heal. I knew I needed to get to the bottom of my own chronic GI and blood sugar issues. The clear instructions offered in this course helped me to jump on the lab work and treat the underlying causes. The information offered here has also helped me to start ordering key tests for my acupuncture clients and discerning what tests were unnecessary. I have learned about 4 years worth of continuing education in this 6 week class." 

Dan Z.

Rory L.

"Test, Clear, Heal can be summed up in two words, profoundly empowering! Anne’s knowledge and ability to transfer this information is second to none. I am now able to troubleshoot my health to a degree which previously, I could only do through expensive consults. The knowledge I’ve taken from the course will serve me in great stead as I continue to unearth the root cause(s) of my health. I’d strongly recommend the course to anyone looking to understand their health better." 



Anne Angelone is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and Functional Medicine Practitioner dedicated to halting autoimmune and chronic inflammatory reactions with diet and natural medicine.
 Anne also reviews case histories and Funcitonal Medicine labs for clients, ultimately guiding them to the best possible plan for healing. In Test, Clear, Heal, Anne shares this knowledge directly with you.